War Front - Turning Point

War Front - Turning Point 1.5

It is an alternate reality real-time strategy computer game set in World War II
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Digital Reality

War Front: Turning Point is an alternate reality real-time strategy computer game set in World War II. It was developed by Digital Reality, and published by CDV and released in the United States on 19 February and Europe on 23 March 2007 for the PC.
The game is set in an alternate World War II in which Adolf Hitler is assassinated in the early days of the war and under the new chancellor, Germany occupies Great Britain. Eventually, Nazi Germany is defeated, but this allows the Soviet Union to advance into Western Europe. The game features both real life and fictional "experimental" war machines and units.
Each faction can also build three heroes, individual characters with unique abilities, both passive and active to benefit the player's own units and against the foe's. The longer heroes and units remain on the battlefield, destroying units and buildings in the process, they can rank up increasing their abilities yet lose them if they are killed and re-built. The player can also use aerial support such as calling in paratroopers reinforcements, scouting runs and bomb strikes.
War Front: Turning Point however has an unconventional RTS feature, being the abilities to manually control pill boxes and turrets to fire upon enemies, like that of a first person shooter. The camera can also be ordered to follow other units in a third person perspective where order can still be given but the units not directly controlled like the turrets.
Along with the time of day changing dynamically in each game, random weather can affect effectiveness of units and interference. Storms for example can damage airplanes and radars (mini-map view) can become distorted or even temporarily knocked out.

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